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About Us

Ice Cold Mist is a family-owned business started by Ken and Nicole Rose. Having both grown up in California, they were used to hot summers! But just because they endured the scorching hot weather, didn’t mean that they liked it.

Once they discovered the refreshing cool mist of personal bottle misters, they knew it was for them. They jumped at the opportunity to bring these portable misting bottles and all their cooling comfort to the masses. Ken and Nicole believe that anyone and everyone who is out in the sun can benefit from the cool mist of a portable bottle mister. They offer a perfect and simple way to cool off while gardening, hiking, jogging, watching sporting events or out on a leisurely Sunday walk. Even Ken and Nicole's children are involved in the family business, often helping to sell personal mister bottles at local youth soccer, softball, baseball and other sporting events.

As a natural extension of the wildly popular personal mister bottles, Ice Cold Mist has added other products to help their customers stay cool. Products such as outdoor misting fans, EZ Up Quik shade canopies, portable folding utility wagons and dancing LED water speakers.

Ken, Nicole and their family thank you for visiting Ice Cold Mist and hope you enjoy all of their cooling products. They remind you to "Stay Cool!"